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Remote Control

Remote Control

Remote working is a necessity of the modern age - commuting is extremely damaging to the environment and very costly for employers. Here at The Ministry of Technology, we've been using techniques to support remote working and distributed teams for many years.

We are proud to be able to offer a consultancy service that will evaluate your existing processes and look to implement changes that allow you to untether your workforce or, if you're just starting up, introduce you to systems that can help you work efficiently as a distributed team.

The advantages of switching to remote working are extensive...

  • Reduction in office space cost
  • Environmentally sound by reducing the commuter footprint
  • Open yourselves up to a much wider talent pool

Historically we've experience in helping provide tools to enable distributed technical teams but our strategies apply equally to other key business functions such as Marketing and Finance where workflow visibility and data sharing are key and where immediate 'almost there' communication across the team is really helpful.

We hope to expand this offering over the next year by looking at partnerships with other businesses that facilitate remote working, such as shared office spaces to enable a fully remote team to get together for regular face to face meetings if needed.

As part of this service you can expect one or more of the following...

  • Consultation
  • Report on transformation of existing systems OR implementation of new systems
  • Support during transition

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Climate Change Mitigation - Remote Working

The concept of remote working is far from a new one. I first remember the early rumblings of it just after the turn of the millennium when internet access had started to become fairly ubiquitous and, while still slow, technologies were starting to evolve to speed up the internet access that the average person could benefit from.

Fast forward 15 or so years and things have changed, but not to anywhere near the extent that was expected. A swift review of the numerous remote working job websites quickly reveals a very US centric trend which, certainly the UK, lags far behind in.

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