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Pit Stop

Pit Stop

Sometime things aren't going as smoothly as you would like. If you are mid-way through your project development cycle and need some technical advice, do get in touch – we can offer support, even if that’s simply a brief phone call to set you on your way.

The pit stop service is your point to stop for a minute and take stock of where you are so you can look at what's going wrong and fix it. We may be able to give you a quick answer to a simple query or it may be that you need to look at your project management processes or your development approach in more detail. Sometimes all you need is a second pair of eyes with a different perspective to get you back on track.

As part of this service you can expect one or more of the following...

  • Ongoing Support

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Dave Evans (CTO at Somo)

"Keith has been instrumental in enabling Somo to move to an Agile development process, contributing tireless enthusiasm, knowledge and innovative problem solving. I have personally enjoyed working with Keith and would highly recommend him as an agile coach or mentor."

Yaron Shaer (Development Manager at Nokia Music)

"Keith has the depth and breadth of knowledge required from a solid software engineer. His experience in software design and architecture gives him the ability to see the bigger picture when coding. Keith's technical talent allows him to pick up new technologies with ease and his vast experience and interpersonal skills make him a good mentor and coach to junior staff. I very much enjoyed working with Keith as I'm sure any other [client] would."

Brexit from an Agile Perspective

Before I begin I should put my cards on the table clearly. I was (and still am) vehemently a Remain supporter. I also felt that the EU has many problems that need solving. I believed that we were better off steering those changes than walking away from them. I awoke on Friday 24th June to a world that felt just a little bit darker for me. Since then, I've been trying to make sense of the nation's Leave vote in the context of the agile principles and techniques. I think there's a lot here to help us understand why people voted the way that they did and to help guide us through the uncertainty ahead as best as we can, while keeping as positive as possible.

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