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Are you a start-up with a Minimal Viable Product or initial release? For any fledgling start-up this MVP is your business. We can review it to check that it is fit-for-purpose and future-proofed.

Are you a digital agency, looking to provide the best possible experience for your clients? We believe that your agency itself is the product within your business model - you are your own, constantly evolving, MVP. We can help you manage product development in a way that recognises this fact.

Every good business needs a robust change & growth strategy and with our 20 years’ experience we can review your strategy and your working approaches and look at the potential future of your business and set you up to both succeed and continue to improve.

Your Business

The approach we take to your strategic planning depends on the position of your business in it's life-cycle and the nature of your business. Elements we could look at include...

  • Defining the Minimum Viable Product
  • Assessing the product audience
  • Internal systems and services
  • Licensing needs
  • Organisational Transformation needs

We believe strongly in basing recommendations on three key pillars - your existing company culture, the key business driver you operate with and enabling change while minimising resistance. We do this by asking key questions like...

  • How ready are you for change?
  • How do you make money? / What is your purpose as a business?
  • How do you think you can be better?

We would recommend including a Accelerator and Horsepower reviews as part of a wider strategic review, particularly for businesses just starting off with a new product or looking at significant organisational transformation over time.

Your Products

The nature of MVPs or any initial releases of products that need to be rushed out of the door to meet market demand that is time sensitive is that, inevitably, technical corners have to be cut in the best interests of building your business.

Our MOT service will evaluate where you are now with your product and where you want to take it in the future. We will..

  • Assess future plan feasibility
  • Identify likely areas of technical debt
  • Recommend architectural changes

Finding the right platform to develop and host your product is crucial and we can help you do just that. We specialise in Microsoft technologies but we can, through our network of partners, advise you on other systems too – we will make sure we find the right platform for your business needs. We can help you answer questions like...

  • Should my product be cloud hosted or use traditional hosting?
  • Which cloud service platform is right for me?
  • Which mobile platforms should I be targeting first?
  • What programming languages are best suited for the product I'm developing?

Your Agency

For a Digital Agency we will look at how your Agency product can be enhanced by the development products that it produces for it's clients by treating them as features within the greater product of the agency itself and how you can build an Agency model that embraces and profits from controlled change and continuous improvement.

As part of this service you can expect one or more of the following...

  • Meetings
  • Business Focus Analysis
  • Documented Recommendations
  • Functional Specifications
  • Technical Specifications
  • Coaching & Mentoring

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