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If you have junior developers and you need a senior expert to provide guidance or if you have an executive or a delivery manager that wants to improve their team facilitation skills or needs support in growing your business through agile practices, we can provide that through our network of team members and partners. All of our staff are experts in their respective fields and will be able to work alongside you or your team providing much needed advice and, where necessary, customised training sessions.

We have a wide range of connections to provide you with the skills you need to make your business the best it can be.

In order to enable a good learning environment we will encourage the implementation of Inspect & Adapt agile practices to enable your business to benefit from a continuous feedback loop. These are benefits that we can leave you with long after our mentoring sessions are completed.

Read more about the services we can offer to support developers in our dedicated Developers section.

Contact us with your requirements and we will see what we can do.

If you simply need additional experts to help you fill a resourcing gap you may want to consider our Propellant service instead.

As part of this service you can expect one or more of the following...

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Dave Evans (CTO at Somo)

"Keith has been instrumental in enabling Somo to move to an Agile development process, contributing tireless enthusiasm, knowledge and innovative problem solving. I have personally enjoyed working with Keith and would highly recommend him as an agile coach or mentor."

Lauren Modisette (Project Manager at Somo)

"Keith was charged with kicking off a new initiative to transition to an Agile methodology. From the start, he identified bottlenecks and made educated recommendations. At the time we began working together, Keith had to tackle one of the most unique and difficult professional situations I have ever been a part of. Despite that, he was still able to present incredible results. Every single department in Somo has been positively impacted by the hard work Keith has done. He possesses extensive knowledge of the Agile Methodologies and how to transition to them. His determination to bring a waterfall agency into the Agile world is commendable. Everything Somo employees know about Agile is thanks to Keith. The book he is currently writing is sure to be an important extension of this progressive methodology. I hope I have the privilege of working with him again."

Yaron Shaer (Development Manager at Nokia Music)

"Keith has the depth and breadth of knowledge required from a solid software engineer. His experience in software design and architecture gives him the ability to see the bigger picture when coding. Keith's technical talent allows him to pick up new technologies with ease and his vast experience and interpersonal skills make him a good mentor and coach to junior staff. I very much enjoyed working with Keith as I'm sure any other [client] would."

Optimising Project Delivery - Feel the Pain

This is my fourth article in my series of optimising project delivery in an agency environment. I have covered fostering positive conflict, adapting the resourcing model and blockers. This time around I am going to look at the principle of feeling the pain.

Feel the Pain (and do it differently)

This is a central enabler of change within a business and is dealt with by most agile methodologies to some degree or another. The theory is that, if something goes wrong with a piece of work, be it technical, management or organisational or if you are regularly suffering from blockers coming from the same source then you are being exposed to pain. Pain, in it's physical form, is your body telling you not to do something. If we view the team or organisation as a body then exactly the same thing applies. If you are caused pain then you should try and avoid the circumstances that led to that feeling.

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