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Custom Development

Custom Development

We delight in bringing your software product ideas to life. We can take your product and put together a hand picked team of experts to ensure that your product shines. All our custom development is done in a transparent agile manner where you have control over the evolution of the product with visibility of work at regular intervals.

You will work directly with the development team, signing off on elements of your product as it grows and you will be able to change the feature set of the product as the team and you learn more about it throughout development. We believe that this way of working enables us to deliver you the best possible product in the quickest amount of time. This reduces the risk of missing the market.

Our custom development products are developed using the appropriate technical and agile best practices for the technologies being utilised. We specialise in Microsoft web technologies, Azure cloud and cutting edge front and back end JavaScript tools. You can read more about our expertise by perusing the profiles of the members within the Ministry Network.

You can read more about our Development work in our Developers portal.

As part of this service you can expect one or more of the following...

  • Sprints of Development work
  • Product Increments

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Phil Shaw (Product Owner at Sky Rock)

"Keith is an ardent and determined advocate of agile software development methods and applied them to great effect at Sky Rock. Keith led the development team in the progressive adoption of technical and management practices driven by a pragmatic balance of quality assurance, productivity and technical standards. He has a strong appreciation of business interests in a commercial software development environment and is able to express the interests of his team in terms that are meaningful to senior management. Keith has a keen interest in process-driven improvements to technical delivery systems and highly principled approach to product delivery, typified by his continuous integration ethos. Keith shows a strong duty of care and respect towards his development team, serving as a facilitator to their production work and mentor for their professional development. The frankness and humility with which he leads his staff encourages a positive team spirit, readiness to take responsibility, strive for self-improvement and take professional pride in their work."

Justin Dorber (Technical Director at S-Cool)

"Keith is a very talented technical professional; a highly skilled and knowledgeable lead developer and an innovative architect. He has been a great asset to S-cool and has made a huge contribution to the successes of key development projects that he has worked on. I would recommend him without reservation."

Paul Hassan (Business Development at S-Cool)

"Keith made a huge contribution to the development of the Apprenticeships online system at S-cool, his technical skills combined with his creativity ensured the system was both highly efficient and effective and well received by users and stakeholders."

Mohammed Saad Idrees (Developer at S-Cool)

"Keith is an exceptional developer who consistently delivers results. His technical skills are excellent and he also has good interpersonal skills. I would recommend Keith to anyone without hesitation."

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