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Good delivery management is critical to the success of your business and you can bring us in to review your complete delivery process. We can advise on adopting agile methodologies enabling you to manage your projects and product suites more effectively and deliver value to your clients or end users as quickly as possible.

We can analyse your existing processes and come up with a change strategy to adapt and grow what you have into a more efficient model. We follow a pragmatic 'what works for you' way of thinking and can incorporate elements from Kanban or Scrum into a potential delivery approach for you as an intermediate goal.

The ideal for a good process is that there is no 'end goal' and the process itself should enable and encourage change constantly to ensure that it always reflects the most efficient delivery mechanisms appropriate for your business. As the market never stays still, neither should your ways of tackling that market.

We have over 10 years experience of working in different agile based environments using many variants based on Scrum and Kanban agile techniques. We have experienced Agile Coaches and certified Scrum Masters on board and connections with industry expert Scrum Trainers and Agile evangelists to make your business the best it can be whether you are developing your own products or whether you are developing for clients as a Digital Agency.

Partner this with a Horsepower review to analyse and look at your development process and infrastructure to make the best of your management process and the technical approaches that surround it.

As part of this service you can expect one or more of the following...

  • Meetings
  • Documented Recommendations
  • Training Sessions
  • Ongoing Transformation Support
  • Coaching

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Dave Evans (CTO at Somo)

"Keith has been instrumental in enabling Somo to move to an Agile development process, contributing tireless enthusiasm, knowledge and innovative problem solving. I have personally enjoyed working with Keith and would highly recommend him as an agile coach or mentor."

Lauren Modisette (Project Manager at Somo)

"Keith was charged with kicking off a new initiative to transition to an Agile methodology. From the start, he identified bottlenecks and made educated recommendations. At the time we began working together, Keith had to tackle one of the most unique and difficult professional situations I have ever been a part of. Despite that, he was still able to present incredible results. Every single department in Somo has been positively impacted by the hard work Keith has done. He possesses extensive knowledge of the Agile Methodologies and how to transition to them. His determination to bring a waterfall agency into the Agile world is commendable. Everything Somo employees know about Agile is thanks to Keith. The book he is currently writing is sure to be an important extension of this progressive methodology. I hope I have the privilege of working with him again."

Phil Shaw (Product Owner at Sky Rock)

"Keith is an ardent and determined advocate of agile software development methods and applied them to great effect at Sky Rock. Keith led the development team in the progressive adoption of technical and management practices driven by a pragmatic balance of quality assurance, productivity and technical standards. He has a strong appreciation of business interests in a commercial software development environment and is able to express the interests of his team in terms that are meaningful to senior management. Keith has a keen interest in process-driven improvements to technical delivery systems and highly principled approach to product delivery, typified by his continuous integration ethos. Keith shows a strong duty of care and respect towards his development team, serving as a facilitator to their production work and mentor for their professional development. The frankness and humility with which he leads his staff encourages a positive team spirit, readiness to take responsibility, strive for self-improvement and take professional pride in their work."

Optimising Project Delivery - Enabling Change

This is the penultimate article in a series on optimising project delivery in an agency environment. I have covered fostering positive conflictadapting the resourcing modelblockers and reallocating painful consequences. Last time I wrote about improving quality and profitability by use of QA throughout the life-cycle. This time around I am going to briefly look at the key starting point for enabling a lot of the techniques that I have mentioned in my previous articles, enabling change.

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