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Umbraco Published Content seems wrong

The Problem

I've recently had an issue with an Umbraco project when deploying my dev database to staging. Everything looks fine on dev but, every now and then, after deploying to staging something odd seems to be left over. This usually takes the form of a piece of content which has been moved or deleted refusing to go away.

The content management back end all looks as you would expect it yet the front end is wrong. Obtaining the XML will reveal that the XML cache is indeed wrong.

Solution Steps

One of the following will generally fix this...

  1. Recycle the app pool (My staging server is on Azure so I restart the app instead)
  2. Republish the site content
  3. Force an XML cache regeneration by going to the following URL directly -http://{yoursiteurlhere}/umbraco/dialogs/republish.aspx?xml=true

The third option is sometimes the only way to fix it.