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Open Source Products - Refreshed

Open Source Products - Refreshed

The Ministry of Technology Open Source Products have been refreshed.

Our other open source repositories can be found here...

Most of our content is stored on BitBucket, but we also do some Umbraco related projects and with Umbraco itself hosted on GitHub it made sense to host the Umbraco projects there too. Eventually we plan to have a section on this website dedicated to our Open source projects with copies of documentation etc. and a review of our active projects was a necessary precursor to this. Our active projects are all available on NuGet, simply to a search for 'Ministry' and now include...

  • The Multi-Host Redirector - A simple URL redirector for maintaining SEO history.
  • RepoLayer - A suite of T4 templates for generating Repository Layer code on top of Entity Framework. EF 4.3.1 to EF 6 are all supported.
  • Test Support - Test help functions with additional support for Moq. These are no longer dependent on Ministry.Abstracts.
  • Strong Typed - Strongly typed model for accessing session state - This replaces Ministry.Abstracts
  • WebDriver - A simple bare bones framework for constructing page based UI testing suites using the Selenium WebDriver libraries but using a code driven approach. We'll publish more details on this in the future as this is a recent addition.
  • Umbraco.Pylon - An addition to the Umbraco CMS to help developers write well architected applications and maximise testability within Umbraco. This library is a direct result of refactoring down the code that runs this very website.¬†We'll publish more details on this in the future as this is a recent addition and the documentation isn't finished yet.
  • Umbraco.TestSupport - Coming soon, this library will provide tools to make unit testing easier on the Umbraco Platform. We've been in discussion with the Umbraco community on how we can advance the core to increase testability in the main product but this is quite a long term goal, so the aim of this library is to try it's best to plug some of thise gaps. We hope to have an initial version of this up in a few months.

Ministry.Abstracts and Ministry.MvcTools have been retired completely as they have become abandonware. The MOT Framework Extensions project is effectively stale and will eventually be discontinued when the current elements can be migrated into their own libraries. Until then it remains as a code reference.