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Ministry Open Source: Multi-Host Redirector

We are very pleased to announce today the opening of our first official open source project repository for the Ministry Multi-Host Redirector, a very simple URL redirector for maintaining links during site migration or movement of articles.

The Multi-Host redirector was originally designed as a method of redirecting the old WordPress URLs to this site to maintain rankings. I wanted a product that would allow multiple sites and URLs either complete or compiled from host and path elements to be redirected.

The Multi-Host Redirector achieves all of this and can be run either in it's own site (recommended configuration) or within an existing site (subject to outstanding issues).

The Multi-Host Redirector will support multiple configuration types. Currently *.config XML configuration is the only configuration type supported. Feel free to raise requests for alternative configuration types that may suit your needs or, if you have the relevant skills, jump in and join the project!

The project is still pre-release at this stage due to an outstanding issue with routing through when used on a site with primary content rather than a seperate site. These issues will be adressed as time allows, but if you intend to run a redirector in it's own site then this may be just the tool for you!

More details about configuring and using the redirector, as well as the sourcecode and downloads, can be found at

The latest stable version is available also as a Nuget Package called Ministry.MultiHostRedirector, viewable at