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What is Agile?

There are articles galore all over the internet that will provide you with information about what Agile is (some of my recommendations are listed below). The concept of Agile initially arose from the software development community. I firmly believe that many of the lessons that Agile adoption has taught in software R&D are just as valid in other streams of work; be they creative in nature or more service focussed. The biggest misconception that people have about Agile is that it is another ‘system’ to bring in that will make life more difficult. Quite to the contrary, Agile processes are designed to work with the teams that adopt them and to evolve over time to get tighter and faster through the following key tenets…

  • Transparency
  • Planning for Change
  • Re-evaluation

These underpin the twelve key principles of the Agile Manifesto. Although the manifesto pertains specifically to software development, the reasons for it’s existence can be found in many areas of many businesses large and small. What I want to do is to try and bring the best of my experience in Agile Software Development to the wider business market.

I am putting together a more detailed article on What Agile can do for you, which I shall follow up with shortly.