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The Pragmatic Agile Community

The Pragmatic Agile Community

For the last few months I have been working on a product development piece. This is not a software product as such, but a suite of products and a brand which I hope will help bring the agile community back to the key fundamentals that, for me, make it such a great movement to be part of. I am really excited to announce that the website for this platform is now live.


This product is very important to me and I think this is the next logical evolutionary step to keep the agile movement both current and grounded in the spirit and heart that make it so powerful. The trigger for this was a mixture of several events that left me with a belief that something was fundamentally wrong with the direction the agile community was going down. It seemed that, although not forgotten, the desire for certifications and sales had overtaken the principles and values of the manifesto. I wanted to be able to offer a certification solution that celebrates versatility and pragmatism, that values...


Principles and Values over Any single Methodology


This is just the first step. The hard work starts now. I need to find three other key community members to certify in order for the certification process to work properly. I’m looking for people who can demonstrate successful agile implementations or adaptations using different strategies each time rather than by following a pattern. I’m looking for agile coaches that look beyond Scrum, who do what they do to make people’s lives better. These people will be the heart of this community, enabling it to start growing. Together I plan to look at whether we can (or should) extend the Manifesto, how we can develop a baseline toolkit for the upcoming Pragmatic Agile Toolbox and much more.


If this is something that interests you, if you would like to join a community like this, support it or would consider applying for certification please get in touch.


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