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The Ministry of Technology is becoming 'Site With A Vue' - Moving to specialise in reactive web applications using key technologies such as Vue.js, dotnet Core and node that enable us to deliver quality quickly. Watch this space for the new website!

Why The Ministry of Technology?

We’re not a religious cult, but we do have strong beliefs about being agile, flexible and transparent. Transparency is central to our ethos and we involve clients at every stage of the process to make sure we’re on track, so you get no nasty surprises. 

We specialise in delivering great service to digital agencies and tech start-ups so do get in touch if that's you.

We bring 20 years’ experience and have worked with clients such as Dyson, Somo, Nokia and Kindeo. We’re based near Bristol in the UK but have worked on projects with companies around the globe.

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Our Services

We work with a wide range of digital agencies and tech start-ups to find the right technical and management solutions for your business, based on agile principles.

Our services range from software development and agile consultancy for any stage of the lifecycle of a project, right through to supporting your business in transitioning to remote workingresourcing, coaching & mentoring and training.

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The Ministry Network

The Ministry Network is a collective of experts in software development and agile consultancy. We draw on this pool to resource large projects so we can operate as your outsourced development team.

We're always looking for more technical experts to join the network so do get in touch if you're interested in being part of the collective.

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The Ministry of Technology is not just a service provider for it's clients but also a platform for independent professionals in the software development industry to collaborate and work together on projects of a larger scale than they would normally be able to achieve on their own.

For details on our open source projects, development work and resources for other developers, click here.

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Latest News

The Time to Change is Now

Recent events have made it clear that the time remaining to save our planet is limited. Somewhat horrifically, a recent Sky Poll discovered that less than half of the UK population are willing to make any of the significant changes to their lifestyles that are needed in order to make a small movement towards carbon neutrality.

Individuals become trapped within the social models and ways of seeing the world that they are used to - it's simple human nature and fundamental to how we learn. If we want to make significant changes to people's lifestyles we must first enable these changes by removing the norms that their rejection to change is based upon.

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Brexit from an Agile Perspective

Before I begin I should put my cards on the table clearly. I was (and still am) vehemently a Remain supporter. I also felt that the EU has many problems that need solving. I believed that we were better off steering those changes than walking away from them. I awoke on Friday 24th June to a world that felt just a little bit darker for me. Since then, I've been trying to make sense of the nation's Leave vote in the context of the agile principles and techniques. I think there's a lot here to help us understand why people voted the way that they did and to help guide us through the uncertainty ahead as best as we can, while keeping as positive as possible.

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The Value of a Spike

In software development planning practices, a Spike is a time box used to investigate something. This most usually occurs when, while begining to estimate items on the backlog, items are found that contain too many unknowns to estimate. The Spike is created as a piece of work, with an agreed time (or story points value) associated to it which will be spent investigating the problem. The output of the spike will be, in this scenario, a valid estimate for the other piece of work as an approach can then be verified.

Today I was able to qualify the value of this in real money.

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Remote working support for You

I am very proud to announce that, as of April this year we have now added another service to our offering - supporting you in implementing remote working for your teams.

The new Remote Control service is now live and, through this, we help to be able to impart the knowledge that we've built up over many years working with / across distributed teams to help other organisations make the transition from expensive, static, office based organisations to dynamic and flexible efficient organisations with remote staff by making use of the best of modern tools.

We hope to continue to evolve the service over the year, adding quick start packs and tech support to help get you set up for remote working as quickly as possible.

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